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What we do

High-end software development

Cloud development experts in demanding industries with lots of data or content

Experts in cloud, big data, broadcast, media and the internet of things

Our extensive cloud expertise and experience allows our clients to adapt change and transform their products and services.

With our heritage in Broadcast and Media, we’ve been at the forefront of the transition to cloud-native solutions in an industry where scalability, reliability and security are crucial.

We are well established in these domains

How we approach challenging projects

Expertise in high-end software development

How we do IT @Merapar

The changing world of IT resourcing.

Only 25 years ago in the early days of IT consultancy many IT projects failed as a result of poor business and IT alignment and a lack of knowledge and experience.

Velocity decreased when more resources were added to the development teams. More and more management and control time was needed.

New way of working

IT consultancy is nowadays way more mature. Also, at Merapar we do many things different than in the early days.

Experienced professionals

First of all, we believe that the quality of all individual team members makes a huge difference. We only hire experienced professionals and invest significantly in training and development.

Multifunctional teams

Secondly, we believe in the power of multifunctional teams. These teams can be scaled up and down depending on the assignment and workload.

Scrum/ Agile methodologies

Thirdly, the teams leverage Devops methodologies and technologies to bridge the gap between development and operations. The short-cyclical way of working and the constant communication between stakeholders and product owners ensures good alignment with the business.

Quality a team responsibility

Fourthly, the teams are jointly responsible and accountable for the quality. Quality is extremely important. Testing and code reviews are an integral part of the way we work. Because if it is not good, we will get it back on our plate as a team.

Cloud platforms facilitate innovation

Last, but not least, cloud technology helps us to act quickly and stay ahead in terms of leveraging the potential of new technology. The modern cloud platforms empower us to deliver solutions in a reliable, efficient, flexible and secure way.