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Aidan van Latestein will happily answer all your questions.

My name is Aidan and I’m a solutions architect.

I’ve worked for and with Erwin van Dommelen, the owner and founder of Merapar, my
whole working life. I joined him in his journey through multiple companies.
I was a bit of a late bloomer. Finding a job without any experience was
more difficult than I expected. When I applied to a company that turned
out to be one of Merapar’s predecessors. Erwin had put his trust in me and
believed I had potential. Of course I made mistakes in the beginning, and I
still do, but that’s how I’ve grown professionally as well as personally.


My role as a solutions architect is consultancy oriented. I do my best to get
the problem and desire clear, think of an appropriate solution together
with my team and then supply the company with that solution within the
given time frame.

I enjoy thinking of a correct solution for every IT-related
problem; a solution that everyone agrees with. I’m there during the entire
process (including go-live), I have to be creative, and every client and
project is different. The job also suits me because I like to work in a team
and be pragmatic. Obviously there is always the challenge of demands
and deadlines, but we’re ambitious enough to make it happen.


My colleagues are truly good at their job. You don’t often encounter staff
of this level. That’s why we invest in new people with potential. When they
grow, we grow. When someone earns a new certificate, for instance, they
are rewarded with a bonus. Merapar also tends to make sure each team
consists of people that go well together. In every team, there’s a nice
balance of skills and world view; a good mix of sceptics and dreamers. Our
team is connected through a sense of humor, ambition, knowledge and
skills. It’s great to see that our products are being used, and that we get
them live almost continuously. I’m proud of my team!


If you’re looking for a true ride or die team and challenging projects, we’d
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