Our core values

The following eight core values drive our companies culture. These values help to create value for our clients, our people and our organisation.

It’s crucial to be curious and learn in order to keep up with the fast pace of technology.
Embrace challenges, listen to the customer and take initiative: be agile!
Deploying early means adding value fast. Moreover, short release cycles enable continues feedback, leading to solutions which fit the bill.
Widely used and battle-proven code is the cornerstone of durable systems. And don’t forget to contribute!
Right from the start, security is a first-class citizen. Design and develop with security in mind.
Reflection improves quality and performance. Whether you learn from past failures or repeat previous successes, reflection is key!
High quality is top priority! It is achieved by using well-proven patterns, apply modern technologies and utilise best-practices.
Work as a team and take individual responsibility.

Our technologies

The Merapar technology landscape is broad and expanding. Our areas of expertise include:

• Micro-service architectures
• Scalable enterprise solutions (Java Spring, Cassandra)
• Continues integration and delivery pipelines (Salt, Robot Framework, Jenkins)
• Cloud-based deployment (Docker, Kubernetes)