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"From start to completion, within each project we exceed ourselves in terms of technological innovations".

Tom de Brouwer, Software Architect - Part of Merapar since 2018


The challenge lies in translating a technical issue into an innovative solution.

Starting at Merapar

After ten years of working for a large international organisation in the field of building technologies, I was looking for a new, challenging environment. About five years ago I found this one at Merapar. Several friends were already working at Merapar and told me about the friendly and family atmosphere. That in combination with the innovative projects for interesting clients encouraged me to start the conversation. Since my start, all expectations have been confirmed and I still stand behind the step I took.

My role as a Software Architect

As a Software Architect I deal with projects ranging from a few months to a few years. So very different. Every issue requires a new approach in which we must rise above ourselves again. I translate this assignment into tasks that I will perform together with a composed
I enjoy the freedom in my role and the different aspects I must consider. I not only monitor the project from the starting point, but also translate our technical solutions into a clear story for the customer. In addition, there is also a piece of sales involved. It's nice to see that customers are satisfied and come back with new orders.

The people at Merapar

One big family where everyone is there for each other. Because we are always trying to broaden our horizons, we don't know everything yet. But with all the expertise we have in- house, we continue to grow, improve and learn from each other. Apart from work, I also feel comfortable and familiar within Merapar; I work a lot with friends and so my social lifeis also intertwined with my working life. Pizza evenings, playing pinball or just drinking beers together at the office are a regular occurrence. Not to mention the occasional trip to our Polish colleagues.

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