“Cloud migration and implementing DevOps practices”

The Customer

Sooqr offers its search solution to fast-growing number of clients, all over the globe, mainly in e-commerce. Sooqr makes it easy to add instant, relevant & great working site search to websites and shops. Making sure website visitors find the exact product and content they’re looking for to drive conversion. Their goal is to make search even more awesome and easy for their clients to implement themselves. How? By developing extensions for common e-commerce platforms, a back-end with a growing number of functionalities and a platform that will always work, fully automated.

The Challenge

Sooqr faced the situation where they were not able to scale and grow in line with their ambitions and customer requirements. This was caused by multiple challenges ranging from scaling and hence peak loads problems as well as software deployment challenges due to the monolithic architecture. Basically the on-premise solution became too expensive and challenging to maintain and grow.

The solution from Merapar

Merapar helped Sooqr by implementing industry best practices around DevOps while migrating to a native AWS cloud solution based on AWS ElasticBeanstalk and Amazon EC2 auto scaling.

The full solution was architected on the AWS cloud and a TCO was calculated to verify the cost effectiveness of the new solution. As with typical large scale deployments, a structure of multiple AWS accounts was setup to provide secure deployments with the least privilege concept for any user accounts.

After the architecture definition phase, Merapar supported the Sooqr development team on implementing this architecture while considering the best practices around DevOps.

Finally, the Sooqr staff was trained on further maintaining and developing the platform using metrics and tooling available within the AWS platform.


After the complete transition, Sooqr achieved the following outcomes:

  • 40% cost reduction on their annual infrastructure costs compared to the on-premise solution
  • Dynamic scaling of the Sooqr platform based on end-customer requests. As such it can handle seasonal demand and peak loads during for example the holiday season. 
  • Improved stability and availability of the Sooqr services
  • Agility to respond faster to new feature requests from customers