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"Merapar is very open to people who do not necessarily have all the knowledge, but those who have a desire to learn".

Angeliki Katsiampouri, Software Engineer - Part of Merapar since 2009


I’m Angeliki, 33 years old, and I am originally from Greece. I have been living in the Netherlands for 10 years now. I have been working mostly as back-end developer, but also in front-end development, and cloud.

Starting at Merapar

I studied Computer Science; I did my bachelors degree in Greece, and then my masters degree in ‘Applied Computer Science’ in Brussel. Before Merapar, I was in other companies working as a developer. I had been working mostly in the back end and did coding, but I wanted to switch more to the Cloud. I was new in this area and Merapar was a company that was really open to people who didn’t have the knowledge but really wanted to learn. So, it was a great opportunity for me to learn on the Cloud side. I started in projects that had microservices as main focus, and then little by little I learned more about Cloud and, I got some certificates too! During this time and beyond, my colleagues were very helpful. They are always there to answer questions and help. I felt free to make mistakes and learn from them. ‘

What is the Merapar team like?

In Merapar we have different teams, but in our team, we work on a range of projects, demanding different areas of expertise. So, I work closely with lots of different colleagues. My team is very experienced in Cloud so I can learn from them every day. As well as working together we regularly socialise too, with online coffee dates etc. A fun memory I have is of a game event night we had with our team where we were playing console and board games.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Merapar?

The atmosphere is very nice, and they really promote and encourage diversity. I never feel any different from other colleagues, as a woman or a non-dutch person, because there is a very open and friendly environment. At Merapar, you are being heard and your opinions will be taken in account. You are free to develop your own career path and they will help you to get there. I never feel stuck because there are enough paths to take in Merapar, and you’re free to choose. They are always open to support you on trainings or courses you want to take.

Are there any other Merapar benefits?

Time to time there is a breakfast session, where we gather all together. You can get a bonus, based on the target you set. And just the possibilities, they are endless at Merapar. I never feel stuck because there are enough paths to take in Merapar and you’re free to choose.

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