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"Challenging myself to find a technical solution within each project, together with my team".

Leon Lanen, Software Architect - Part of Merapar since 2020


Every project brings different problems and I always believe that we have the technical solution in house.

Starting at Merapar

Although I started working for Merapar a little over two years ago, my first introduction with the company was a few years before. At the time I worked at a company for which Merapar did a nice project. After a bad experience with another consultancy company, we made the decision to give it a shot with Merapar. From the moment they walked in I was surprised by their approach. Even though I thought I could never have provided all the information during our brief conversation, they clearly hit our sweet spot when they returned later. I think that was the moment the first seed was planted. When a few years ago I wanted to challenge myself in a new environment, it was clear I had to have a chat with Merapar. I’m still happy with the switch!

My role as a Software Architect

My role as a Software Architect is very diverse and challenging. I go through the entire process within each project, from formulating the assignment to going live. Every project brings different challenges, and I always believe that we have the technical solution in house. When we have the assignment clear, we set up a team consisting of different expertise. With this team we design the solution, and we get started. My role is to translate customer challenges, into practical tasks for the team. In addition, I interact a lot with customers in my consultancy role and there is also a bit of sales involved.

The people at Merapar

Open, interactive and helpful. Within Merapar everyone plays an equal role; we always want to learn from each other, and to stay on top of the latest technological possibilities. Don't we know something yet? Then we'll find out, by figuring it out together. Everyone's an expert in their own way and knowledge sharing flows through our veins. I feel little hierarchy and a high degree of togetherness. Even when we are not at work, for example during our company outing to Bruges last year!

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