Merapar designs and builds complex, secure and highly scalable cloud-based solutions that perfectly fit your requirements.


The quality of software development is strongly related to the quality of the developers working on the project. The difference between an average and a good developer is huge. At Merapar we select our developers carefully and master a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing. Our developers and architects are masters at their craft. 

Better together

We don’t believe in ‘them and us’ − we work with you to come up with the most effective solutions and architecture scenarios. We work in small multidisciplinary teams and make sure that (business) representatives of our customers are always closely connected. This ensures that we continuously collect feedback and deliver quickly the result you are looking for.

Clear process

Merapar is using agile development methods such as scrum. This ensures a flexible process and a focus on delivering value. Work is delivered in short cycles. At the end of every cycle there is a concrete deliverable.

Deliver fast

We can make use of a rich set of in-house developed and proven components and functionalities, which speeds time-to-market considerably. And we apply a flexible commercial model, in which we charge only for what is actually needed and used.

What we build

The shift from the internet as we know it today to the Internet of Things (IoT) puts our clients at the forefront of a huge change. Our extensive cloud expertise and experience allows our clients to adapt to this change and transform their products and services.

Heritage in Media and Broadcast

With our heritage in Broadcast and Media, we’ve been at the forefront of the transition to cloud-native solutions in an industry where scalability, reliability and security are crucial.