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Petra Smits, technical project manager and team lead

When I started working at Merapar, I already knew the owner and many of
the employees from a previous job. Working with these people felt natural
from the beginning. It truly was like coming back home!



I was used to a market that created and sold IT products; products that fit
many companies’ needs. I like that Merapar is different; here, we take that
extra step for our clients. We solve problems with solutions that are tailor-
made. Every project is different, which makes it a nice challenge for my
team and myself. I love finding out what the underlying problem actually
is. That way I can help the client figure out the best way to tackle it. We
think along with our customers and really go that extra mile. That makes
us unique.


As a technical project manager, I take care of my team, client and project.
I’m responsible for picking projects that are fun, challenging and suitable
for my team. I realise that smart people want and need to be challenged,
but I also need to think about the wants and needs of our clients. That’s
why I try to find a balance between jobs that are too easy and jobs that
are too difficult.   Every single project is unique and new for me and my
team. That’s what keeps our work exciting; every client has its own set of
requirements. This doesn’t pressure me; I see it as a challenge. We create
simple solutions for difficult problems. That’s our strength.


The world of IT is still quite a man’s world. You can see that here at
Merapar too. I personally don’t mind this at all. My co-workers know my
strengths and weaknesses and treat me the same as everyone else. They
appreciate me for my actions, not for my gender. It’s all about what you
contribute to the company. I do have a strong personality. I’m a go-getter.
And even though I’m experienced in this work field, the cases I tackle are
never easy. But that’s what keeps my work exciting!


To perform optimally, we work in teams. Therefore, team spirit is very
prominent at Merapar. We work with people we know and are aware of
each other’s strengths. This gives us a flying start with every project. Our
people get together often. We even make trips to Poland, to connect with
our Polish team members. Different teams also work together to achieve
the best possible outcome.
Of course, I love the diversity and responsibilities of my job. But the people
who surround me make it special. My coworkers all work just as hard and
there’s no hierarchy. We don’t just enjoy each other’s company; we also
learn from each other. This way, Merapar grows naturally. I’m proud of