Connectivity platform for the Toon Thermostat

The Customer

Quby, with their innovative service, transform ordinary energy suppliers into value-added service providers that help people manage everyday challenges. That’s why they created Toon, the smart energy platform that puts people in charge of their home. Over 400,000 and growing households are using their solution across Europe.

The Challenge

Quby migrated all their services some years ago to run in the AWS cloud as Michiel Fokke, the CTO at Quby, explains in this blog post. As a logical next step, to achieve maximum cost competitiveness, cloud native solutions had to be utilized. This is where Merapar has helped them along their evolving cloud journey.

The most important requirements for a native cloud solution were:

  • Big data storage and processing featuring near real-time analysis to deliver near real-time services with advanced processing to monetize the solution
  • Proven solution for 24/7 connectivity
  • Cost competitiveness

The solution from Merapar

Merapar performed extensive research on the current cloud architecture trends and deployments. They concluded that the most cost-effective, proven cloud technologies were available within AWS to fulfill the requirements. A direct HTTPS connection is used for data ingest and compute offload. An IoT MQTT connection over a websocket is available for 24/7 bi-directional communication with the Toon device. This guarantees 24/7 availability for their existing customer service centres. This serverless setup guarantees a cost-effective and secure connectivity layer.

For the deployment Merapar made use of CloudFormation, where a complete environment can be created from Jenkins in just under an hour. Rolling updates can be deployed without any disruption to the end customer.


Quby now has a connectivity layer which is ready for the future. They have the most cost effective and scalable solution available in the market today. Quby leverages AWS for the core components and Merapar for the knowledge and skill set on how to utilize and maintain them.