A Vision about moving into the future

The company concept as we know it today is about to be changed by movements − just like social or artistic movements affected democracy and modern society. The future company will have to evolve according to how technology will influence the way we interact with all stakeholders involved from idea to experience.

We at Merapar should be a pioneer in how software development will develop in the future − and we should do this by heading a technology movement. How? By re-drawing all of today’s models of knowledge management, idea generation, design, customer interaction, agility, timing and the price-result balance. And all of these things in a visionary, people-oriented, best buy and secure way.

The ultimate goal is to give the end-users the best possible experience in the cloud − enable them to move forward and, above all, be moved by Merapar’s contribution to the result.

The basis for this will be a Movement Charter written in light of the changes in society, social progress, and scientific and technological developments. The Charter establishes a series of rights and freedoms based on the fundamental ‘third generation’ rights of the consumer, customer & end-user in terms of data protection, ethics, transparency and security.

The Merapar Movement Charter

The world is changing rapidly, and we need to keep up.
Therefore, we believe in Merapar as the software movement of the future.
In this Charter, we state the things that move us:

Moving customers

Our customers − and their customers too − are on the move.
They want to be deeply moved by a software experience that’s fast, secure and intuitive. That’s why we always develop, in close collaboration with our customers, in the broadest perspective of their customers’ experience.

Technology on the move

New technology is moving fast. At Merapar, we have the means to continuously identify the opportunities, mould them into commercial models, develop ad hoc, deliver new software elements every day, and implement them quickly.

Moving from revolution to evolution

We believe in fast evolutions rather than revolutions. By implementing rapidly and continuously, we will keep pace with the latest trends and new technologies. We call it revolution with a soft ‘r’.

Removing overhead

In today’s world, there is no time to write books of tech specs on how software should be. This movement is building tailor-made solutions as we speak. The result: both a lower price and a faster, continuous release of new versions.

Moving ahead in timing

‘Time is money’ and ‘Time is a competitive advantage’ − that’s why we implement as fast as possible. Because speed and communication have become crucial for companies, the new outsourcing has become insourcing.

Moving beyond the cloud

We love wireless, as well as the cloud. We’re specialists in cloud solutions, but we’re already moving beyond to investigate and discover new technology trends.

The things we move

Rapid development of mobile, e-commerce and Internet of Things services is the key driver for highly scalable and distributed solutions in (hybrid) cloud environments.
Leading technology players and internet communication providers are taking full advantage of the open source community to speed development. And we’re no exception − as we actively contribute to the community, staying ahead of the curve.
We aim to be the trusted cloud-based software services company in the European telco, media, telecoms and communications sectors. From providing support on the initial business and technology concepts to successful implement