We challenge our experts to never stop learning.

Our Core Expertise

Our cloud expertise is centred around scalability, continuous delivery, big data and security. We are masters of an elaborate set of development and cloud deployment technologies and methodologies such as Java, Spring, Kubernetes, Jenkins and Prometheus. We ensure our solutions provide a rich set of monitoring and reporting tools to guarantee optimal operability with proven tools such as Elastic-Logstash-Kibana (ELK) and Grafana.

Cloud Technology powered by Amazon Web Services

As an AWS Consulting Partner, we can utilize the full benefits of the world’s leading cloud services provider. Our people are trained and certified AWS developers and architects. We actively deploy a wide range of AWS tools and services such as Redshift, S3, Athena, Lambda and Cognito.

Security by Design

Ensuring end-to-end security in a cloud-based architecture presents a number of key challenges. Merapar implements best security practices and advises companies with regard to security design and implementation. Using state-of-the-art encryption, we secure your core processes and data against breaches and threats.

Metadata and DVB-SI

Leveraging our strong market knowledge and experience allows us to apply new cloud-native techniques and concepts in the traditional world of Broadcast networks. DVB-SI is widely used for millions of set-top boxes around the world to provide programming data to consumers. Our hybrid solutions provide the flexibility of the cloud to collect and process the abundance of metadata, and present this to the broadcast network to fit the existing DVB-SI definition.

And then there is the internet of things

Merapar’s experience and solutions with large-scale, data-drive, cloud-based deployments in the Broadcast and Media sector form the basis of our IoT proposition. Combined with the elaborate set of AWS tools for IoT, we’ve developed a comprehensive platform for a wide variety of IoT use cases.


We specialise in cloud technology and development. We’re experts in transforming our clients’ core architecture and processes to become truly cloud-native. Our consultants provide strategic and technical advice to migrate your business to the cloud. As a Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services, we offer the assurance of the world’s #1 cloud technology and services provider! Security − it’s in our DNA! In everything we design, develop and implement, security comes first. We can provide security consultancy to advise you on how to make your cloud architecture and organisational processes secure and robust. We can perform a security review, or full security audit, to assess the current state of your solution, and help raise your security to a higher level. With our heritage in broadcast solutions, we master and implement metadata technologies and concepts. We have profound expertise in legacy DVB systems and ready-made solutions for DVB SI data generation. Our solutions for metadata are fully cloud native and can be deployed in a hybrid cloud architecture.

Our platform core values

Our experts are skilled in designing scalable and reliable architectures and solutions. Our motto is: “Start with the end in mind”. All components in the chain are designed for scalability. Our experience shows that pilot set-ups most often make it all the way to a live environment − so why not set it up that way initially! We use AWS infrastructure for world-class hosting, which is virtually infinitely scalable. As standard, we use a 99.99% availability architecture, and higher rates are also feasible. Failover schemes are set up within AWS availability zones, or, in the case of full Disaster Recovery, across AWS Regions. Data is stored in S3 buckets across different zones to guarantee (full) data recovery in the event of outages. We apply secure by design to every design or implementation we do. Data and platform elements are secured using state-of-the-art encryption (e.g. PKI). Using AWS’s proven security tools and frameworks, we ensure that the (cloud) platform and all components are safeguarded against outside threats such as DoS attacks, hacks, viruses, etc. Data protection is top priority, especially for solutions where personal data is processed or stored. By applying the ‘privacy by design’ principle, all data are collected, stored, and processed in a privacy-compliant manner. We install and use strict processes and procedures to access, administer and monitor user accounts and log-ins.

Continuous integration & continuous delivery

In a cloud-native environment, introducing new releases or features should simply be a matter of days (not weeks or months!). Our in-house developed continuous integration & continuous delivery pipeline allows us to create and upgrade a cloud environment in less than a week(OK?). We’re able to spin up and down quickly, which guarantees efficient operation and excellent quality of service. We provide test or evaluation environments − based on real data and real-life characteristics − to try out new concepts, features or releases.