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Dennis Vermeulen, back-end software developer

My name is Dennis. I am 26 years old and I recently started working at
Merapar as a back-end software developer. I graduated a short time ago,
but I am not done learning yet: now, I'm going for my bachelor’s degree in
Information Technology. Together with my scrum team, which consists of
Polish and Dutch developers, I develop applications in the programming
language Java. Together, we make sure the wishes and requirements of
our clients are embedded in the application. I like that as a team, we
simplify complicated processes.


When I started working at Merapar in October of 2021, I immediately had a
good feeling about the company. I noticed how open everyone is; the
people here want to meet you and have a laugh. I also found the amount
of freedom that we received remarkable. Working from home and
(partially) deciding on your own working hours isn’t a problem here.
Merapar trusts us: how, when and in how much time they do that is
entirely on us.

During the first couple of weeks, I worked with a buddy. He showed me
how everything works around here and how we operate. That was very
useful, and I felt welcomed. I also learned that we get the opportunity to
work out in the gym together on Tuesdays and Fridays, which many of my
coworkers make use of.
My work has been a nice challenge from the start. Merapar consists of
high-level developers; a certain degree of quality is expected from us. But
that challenge makes this experience fun and educational. Every day, I
learn and grow a little bit. We are also asked to obtain certificates, to get
to a certain level and keep up with innovations in our field.


I work in a scrum team of 8 people. 3 of us are located in Poland, but that
doesn’t get in the way of our communication or cooperation. My team is
very diverse; some of us are more experienced than others. This is great,
especially for starters like me: I can level with my less experienced team
members, and I can learn from the more experienced ones.
I know that I’m new here, but I can’t imagine leaving Merapar yet. It’s a
fun company! The people are friendly and have a great sense of humor,
and I’m granted a lot of freedom. In the future, I want to grow as a
developer. I want to obtain more certificates, keep up with the times and
become the best version of myself. This field of work is filled with
possibilities. I might not know exactly which direction I’m going to take
yet, but I will definitely broaden my horizon as a developer. And Merapar is
a great place to start.


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