We understand your business

Data has become the most valuable resource in many companies. Most of them struggle with the extraction of their data from to various sources. Merapar helps them by making the available data available in a cloud based environment.

All data available from a central cloud location

In order to gain value from data a required first step is to combine data from several applications on a central location in the Cloud. This makes it easier to combine data for data science and data engineering teams.

It is crucial to be able to find and interpret information quickly. Merapar extensive experience with implementing search and meta data solutions.

We help by making data available

Sooqr offers its search solution to fast-growing number of clients, all over the globe, mainly in e-commerce. Sooqr makes it easy to add instant, relevant & great working site search to websites and shops.

Sooqr faced the situation where they were not able to scale and grow in line with their ambitions and customer requirements. Merapar helped Sooqr by implementing industry best practices around DevOps while migrating to a native AWS cloud solution based on AWS ElasticBeanstalk and Amazon EC2 auto scaling.