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"I get the freedom to develop myself in a pleasant environment by working with specialists".

Maarten Peels, Software Engineer - Part of Merapar since 2020


Continuous learning within self-managing teams takes me to the next level.

Starting at Merapar

Before I started at Merapar two and a half years ago, I worked with a former classmate at a start-up. A good and fun first experience in working life, but at a certain point I was ready for a different environment. Through a friend of mine I got into touch with Merapar, its people and the working method. I immediately felt a match. It turned out to be a bull's eye: I'm in the right place and can fully develop myself.

My role as a Software Engineer

Is one that can vary from project to project. From writing software to setting up a completely new architecture, from completely new projects to maintaining software within existing products. I am always working on new things and that encourages me to learn. The good thing is that I can do this very well at Merapar with all the expertise we
have in house.
In addition to developing myself daily on the varying projects within changing teams, I get a lot of space to obtain all kinds of certificates. Merapar focuses on the development of its people by offering various training options as that fit my demands. For example, I am now all-round and would perhaps like to specialise more in the future. In addition, I stay up to date with the latest technological developments. In time I hope to grow into a senior role that matches my ambitions.

The people at Merapar

The collaboration is great! I always ask someone with my questions and there is a very relaxed atmosphere. The 'together' feeling is present, and I always have the feeling that we manage to make all complex matter tangible in beautiful products. It is a flat organisation without hierarchical fuss. Fun events and drinks are arranged that I like to go to. I think it's nice to see that everyone is enjoying themselves on these outings. Merapar is a great place to work that I will certainly not leave for the time being!

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