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Sqippa delivers solutions for smart buildings where safety and comfort are guaranteed and maintenance and costs are manageable. They wanted to make their Internet of Things platform cost effective and scalable. Merapar delivered on AWS a connectivity layer to achieve this.

sqippa building management


Sqippa is an IoT platform for wireless monitoring of sensors and devices in buildings. This can, for example, help building owners or facility managers establish the risk of carbon monoxide, legionella bacteria or flooding, but also to determine a system’s maintenance needs or to identify exactly when the heating can be turned down. The Sqippa platform an initiative from HBI Bisscheroux bv and applies cost-covering tariffs.

The Challenge

HBI has a clear vision on building an open IoT platform for their own developed, as well for partner products, on their Sqippa IoT platform. In order to make this successful, the platform, build on AWS services must be cost effective and scalable. This is where Merapar has helped them along their evolving product journey.

The most important requirements for this cloud native solution were:

  • Meet strict cost targets along the lifetime of the products
  • Real-time data processing and data lake creation for future analysis
  • Scalable from the 1000 to 100.000 devices

The solution

Merapar developed a customer integration with connectivity layer of the solution, the connectivity layer comes from the Things Network. Once the data is available in the AWS cloud it is immediately processed for any alarms by a serverless function. When required a push notification is sent to the customer by either email or SMS depending on their settings.

After this first real-time processing the data is stored for time-series analysis in a database for a set period, after this period the data is still available on S3 for any extended queries. The UI, hosted on CloudFront/S3 is optimized for providing the highest possible value out of the received data by providing real-time and quick access to the sensor data collected. For the deployment Merapar used CloudFormation with the recently Serverless Application Model from AWS to be able to safely deploy rolling updates to the system