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NBC Universal’s Hayu service is a fast-growing video streaming service. They wanted to personalize content recommendations to increase content consumption and advertising effectiveness. To achieve this, Merapar delivered a personalization service based on advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.

nbc universal hayu

NBC Universal’s Hayu

NBC Universal’s Hayu service is a fast growing international video streaming subscription service delivered to 14 countries around the world providing more than 150 hours of mainstream content 


  • Personalise user content to increase content consumption
  • Increase business intelligence of consumer habits, click through advertising and conversion rates


  • Core ML algorithms using Personalise, Kinesis and Firehose
  • Serverless solution autoscaling for peak usage periods
  • Connects to wider Content Management System for content placement across user catalogue


  • Initial POC completed in 3 weeks with first deployment completed in 20 weeks
  • Phase 1 of an expanding service completed


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nbc hayu