Our approach

We strive to create a unique customer experience, in which we create a collaborative atmosphere to discover and try out new business models.
We don’t believe in ‘them and us’ − we work with you to come up with the most effective solutions and architecture scenarios. Because efficiency comes first, we work agile and focus on results. We can make use of a rich set of in-house developed and proven components and functionalities, which speeds time-to-market considerably. And we apply a flexible commercial model, in which we charge only for what is actually needed and used.

‘Always Learn’ is in our DNA

We measure and improve our people’s skills and organisational performance continuously. We invite and challenge our professionals to achieve their full potential… and then some! Our engineers are part of our knowledge communities. These communities focus on continuous learning; we offer training and actively participate in the Open Source community.
We strongly believe in knowledge sharing by working with Leagues and Guilds. The Leagues consist of people from different teams that share the same specialty. They actively share learnings and experiences and, most of all, their passion for technology. Guilds are groups of people with different specialties that focus on special topics or activities such as writing blogs or articles and defining best practices. Our technology radar functions as our technology ‘bible’ for current and new technologies in the domains in which we operate. We actively scout for new technology, quickly assess the potential, and plot this in our technology radar for further follow-up in the Leagues and Guilds.